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About Retromotion

We are Retromotion - Geoffrey, Felix, Dennis, Ingmar, Evan, Stephan, Artur and Marios. While doing some research about the potential of a special new manufacturing technology we encountered a massive problem that today concerns both car owners and garages: Getting spare parts for vintage cars. There are two factors that make the search for high-grade spare parts especially difficult:

  • problems concerning availability
  • inadequacy concerning the available spare parts’ quality

To do something about that we built up this marketplace for high-grade spare parts for both classic and vintage cars. With our concept of the seller’s authentication we can assure you to get you high-grade spare parts. We take this time consuming search marathon off your shoulders by finding the spare part you are looking for with the help of our 3-step-model - or we have it produced if it is not otherwise available.

In our “vintage world” we publish news and interesting facts for you. Furthermore, you can profit from our partners’ diverse offers, for example trips, expert service or high quality car care products.

By parking your vehicle in our garage it is possible for you to specifically get relevant information about your car. We also inform you when spare parts for your car are available. This option simplifies getting spare parts at our online marketplace, too - because you only have to initialize your car once.

We want you to feel comfortable with us and look forward to many visitors at our homepage!

Do not hesitate to tell us if you did not like anything at our site or if our service was not to your satisfaction - we can only improve if you help us!

Yours, theTeam Retromotion-Team