Radbremszylinder for oldtimer and youngtimer

  1. Retromotion Partner: trw

    TRW BWN132 Radbremszylinder

    Item No.: 0161-BWN132

  2. Retromotion Partner: trw

    TRW BWN133 Radbremszylinder

    Item No.: 0161-BWN133

  3. Retromotion Partner: trw

    TRW BWN174 Radbremszylinder

    Item No.: 0161-BWN174

  4. Retromotion Partner: trw

    TRW BWN175 Radbremszylinder

    Item No.: 0161-BWN175

If we can't find it, we'll reproduce it.

Sometimes, spare parts are simply no longer available on the market. This is especially true for parts of very old vehicles, or decorative spare parts such as interior door handles. For many owners of classic cars this is a reason to give up their search and hope for a positive result at the next general inspection. However, Retromotion takes the next step and asks selected partners about the possibilities of reproduction - either through conventional production processes or 3D printing. If we can not find the spare part you are looking for in our partner network, we will still be able to have it remanufactured. For complex reproductions, where a minimum quantity has to be ordered, we have invented Part-Funding: This allows classic car fans from all over the world to help you get your remanufactured spare part.