James Dean and
his Porsche 550 Spyder

James Dean loved fast cars and racing. Before he became an actor, he...

James Dean


The retro gas station on the B28:
Only one exit from the 60s

When the days get warmer, our team goes wild with excitement: We can feel...

The retro gas station


Electric classic cars -
A solution for the future?

Electric cars are on the rise, also as classic cars or replicas...

Electro classic cars

Beliebte Themen

Your Story

Your car, your story: How the Golf 2 changed Sarah's life

Of all the moving and humorous submissions, we chose Sarah's story that describes how a Golf 2 changed her life. Read more about Sarah's story in the following article...

4 Reasons

4 Reasons why the classic car market is changing

In September 2018, BBE Automotive published a study analysing the development of the classic car market. According to its results, the market is growing - and...

Mercedes W123

Celebrities and their Mercedes W123

It is the most produced vehicle of Mercedes-Benz and, due to its high production numbers an affordable classic car: the Mercedes W123. Many celebrities were enthusiastic...

Latest articles

Why the Ford Capri RS is becoming more and more expensive

To teach the people who doubted the capabilities of the Ford Capri a lesson, Ford released the Capri 2600 RS in 1970. Even though it was "only" a European "Mustang replacement", it could keep up with racing icons such as the Porsche 911, despite its much lower price at the time. Nowadays however, a Ford Capri RS is not as cheap as it used to be. [...]

Opel Ascona 19 SR - The little brother of the Manta

Even though the Opel Ascona 19 SR is considered to be a reliable car, with a lot of potential to be a great classic, it has always been living in the shadow of the Manta. But now it is finally time to free this iconic car from its dusty image. [...]

The Toyota 2000 GT - cult car from Japan

It is indeed a true beauty: the Toyota 2000 GT. It is a car, so visually striking, that you can’t help but fall in love with it on first sight. A deep love or even a cult for this car easily forms, just like it happened to the "DeLorean DMC-12" or the "Aston Martin DB5". The 2000 GT easily joins the ranks of these legendary cars. [...]

Mercedes 250 S - The beginning of the S-Class

One of the most popular German classic cars is the Mercedes 250 S. When it was launched in the 1960s, it was positioned as an upper middle class car. But its successors, later called the S-Class, established the luxury class that Mercedes-Benz is so famous for today. With its well equipped saloons and coupés, this class of Mercedes’ is the epitome of German craftsmanship and automotive luxury. [...]

Crossing the English Channel in a car - the Amphicar 770

Must a car be able to swim on water? You might think a feature like that is something for a military vehicle and and does not make a lot of sense in everyday life. But if your car does happen to be able to swim, you probably would not complain. For those who have always wanted to explore rivers and lakes with their car, the 1960’s Amphicar 770 is the right choice. Driving one of these, you can even get to the UK without getting your feet wet. [...]

Classic cars at the IAA: Is that possible? - A Retromotion report

In its reports of the IAA 2019, the press criticised the event quite a lot: This year’s event was not coined by “real cars”, but by technological nonsense and soulless concepts. But next to the awkward presentations of new e-vehicles, a hall for classic cars was introduced for the first time. Unlike the other halls, this hall showed exactly what the IAA should be about: The love for cars. [...]

Mazda RX-7 - A tuning legend with Wankel engine

Early 1978, Mazda introduced the Savanna RX-7, a sports coupé powered by an engine concept that had already been abandoned by all other manufacturers: the Wankel engine. Nevertheless, the Mazda RX-7 caused a sensation and remained in the range for almost 25 years. Not only did it become a bestseller and rival of renowned sports cars, but also a legend in the tuning scene. [...]

The Maserati Khamsin - an underestimated classic

The early 1970s were the era of mid-engine sports cars. But for those, who preferred classic coupés with a front engine layout, the Maserati Khamsin was an appealing option at the time. Today, the car struggles to get the same kind of attention like other Maserati classics. But its technology and extraordinary design make it a very special classic car and probably the most underestimated Maserati in history. [...]

Retromotion at Chromtour 2019

Last year we could only talk about the Chromtour from a bystander’s perspective, but this year we were able to actively paticipate: The Chromtour 2019 is one of the most beautiful events we have visited so far. Read on to find out about our impressions and experiences! [...]

Fiat Panda - an affordable classic car?

Classic cars are usually not exactly cheap. Even though they are tax-privileged, their higher gas consumption, expensive spare parts and the higher cost of maintenance make classic cars quite a pricey possession. And the cost to buy a classic car in the first place, should also not be underestimated. But fear not, because there are also cheaper options. The small Fiat Panda is a great example. [...]

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