James Dean and
his Porsche 550 Spyder

James Dean loved fast cars and racing. Before he became an actor, he...

James Dean


The retro gas station on the B28:
Only one exit from the 60s

When the days get warmer, our team goes wild with excitement: We can feel...

The retro gas station


Electric classic cars -
A solution for the future?

Electric cars are on the rise, also as classic cars or replicas...

Electro classic cars

Beliebte Themen

Your Story

Your car, your story: How the Golf 2 changed Sarah's life

Of all the moving and humorous submissions, we chose Sarah's story that describes how a Golf 2 changed her life. Read more about Sarah's story in the following article...

4 Reasons

4 Reasons why the classic car market is changing

In September 2018, BBE Automotive published a study analysing the development of the classic car market. According to its results, the market is growing - and...

Mercedes W123

Celebrities and their Mercedes W123

It is the most produced vehicle of Mercedes-Benz and, due to its high production numbers an affordable classic car: the Mercedes W123. Many celebrities were enthusiastic...

Latest articles

Summer Classics Part 1: Renault 4 Plein Air

The late '60s were a wild time. Student movements and hippies question the ideals of the bourgeois society and protest against the establishment. In the Western world, a new society is emerging that is freed from old constraints and taboos. And just at that time the French car manufacturer Renault strays from its tradition and turns the Renault 4 into a convertible. [...]

A story of Golfs and forklifts

What does a VW Golf have in common with a forklift? This question will most likely cause puzzled faces or a shrug. That is not surprising, because the top selling Volkswagen can hardly be compared to a crude working tool. And yet: they share the most essential component of any motor vehicle. [...]

The Porsche 914 - a black sheep?

Even after fifty years, people can still argue about the VW-Porsche 914. Its fans claim that the Targa Coupé is a great sports car that can even rival the Porsche 911. Critics however, call the car the "Volks-Porsche" and classify it as an entry-level sports car at best. [...]

Lamborghini Miura - the first supercar

When Lamborghini unveiled the Miura P 400 in the mid-1960s, an uproar went through the car scene. The Italians had created nothing less than a new sports car category. The supercar Lamborghini Miura was not only the fastest road legal sports car of its time, it would influence the design of later sports cars for decades. [...]

How the Astra F destroyed Opel's reputation

When Opel launched the Astra F in 1991 as the successor to the Opel Kadett E, it was supposed to be the beginning of a more modern, more beautiful and better Opel lineup. Opel followed the same approach as in 1962 with the successful introduction of the Kadett A, but changed the name to match the rest of the lineup. But then things went horribly wrong. This car gave Opel the bad reputation, that even persists to this day. [...]

Unbelievable: VW Golf Mk1 with 815 HP

The car in question does not look like the monster it actually is. It looks modified, but that is not unusual for a VW Golf Mk1. It is a true sleeper, because the turbo conversion from DMK Motoring gives it performance numbers, hardly imaginable for such a car. [...]

The 10 most expensive classic cars of all time

The prices of classic cars have been rising steadily for the past 20 years. That means cars can actually be a very good investment for the future. Although the prices of premium classic cars such as the 300SL or Z8 are currently stagnating, there are vehicles which are so rare that their value keeps rising relentlessly despite current market developments. Find out more about the most expensive classic cars of all time! [...]

BMW Art Cars - Canvases on wheels

In 1975, the Bavarian car manufacturer BMW established a tradition that still lives on today, and has always caused enthusiasm (or sometimes irritation): Artists are often invited to paint regular BMWs or racing cars in their own, unique style. Until now, there are 19 of these artworks on wheels. Take a look at he most impressive and beautiful ones below! [...]

Bruno Sacco - the genius behind the Mercedes SL

A Mercedes SL is a very special car. Especially the 300 SL with its iconic gullwing doors is one of the most sought-after classic cars ever. The success story of this model series boils down to one name: Bruno Sacco. He shaped the appearance of the SL models, but also shaped the entire company for over four decades. When he retired in 1999, a design era ended for the German carmaker. [...]

Citroen BX 4 TC - An almost forgotten rally car

With the Citroen BX 4 TC, the carmaker from the French Rueil-Malmaison wanted to stir up the 1986 World Rally Championship in Group B of Grand Tourismo vehicles. However, the four-wheel drive Frenchman was never able to catch up with the top dogs of its class. In the same year, Citroen decided to discontinue the project, which is why this classic car has almost fallen into oblivion today. [...]

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