James Dean and
his Porsche 550 Spyder

James Dean loved fast cars and racing. Before he became an actor, he...

James Dean


The retro gas station on the B28:
Only one exit from the 60s

When the days get warmer, our team goes wild with excitement: We can feel...

The retro gas station


Electric classic cars -
A solution for the future?

Electric cars are on the rise, also as classic cars or replicas...

Electro classic cars

Beliebte Themen

Your Story

Your car, your story: How the Golf 2 changed Sarah's life

Of all the moving and humorous submissions, we chose Sarah's story that describes how a Golf 2 changed her life. Read more about Sarah's story in the following article...

4 Reasons

4 Reasons why the classic car market is changing

In September 2018, BBE Automotive published a study analysing the development of the classic car market. According to its results, the market is growing - and...

Mercedes W123

Celebrities and their Mercedes W123

It is the most produced vehicle of Mercedes-Benz and, due to its high production numbers an affordable classic car: the Mercedes W123. Many celebrities were enthusiastic...

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BMW 3.0 CSL - its value is still rising!

In 1974 BMW gave the coupé of the E9 series wings. As a homologation model for motorsport, the BMW 3.0 CSL had already been on the road since 1971. But only its third implementation gained significantly more downforce thanks to spoilers that were exceptional for the time. Nowadays though, the sports coupé's spoilers are a cause for going sky high! The value of the car that is. Prices have increased significantly over the last few years now. [...]

Buick LeSabre - The craziest concept car of the 50s?

When the Buick LeSabre concept car was presented in 1951, it did not look like a regular car, but more like a fighter jet on wheels. Its resemblance to the American F-86 "Sabre" fighter plane was certainly intended. Although the extravagant appearance of this extremely important concept car of the 1950s was never realized, it certainly influenced automotive design in the early post-war period. [...]

The Lamborghini Espada - an affordable luxury sports car?

In 1968 Ferruccio Lamborghini introduced the new sports car Espada, which was produced until 1978. After the 350 GT/450 GT, the Miura and the Islero, it was the fourth sports car that was created by Lamborghini. Lamborghini itself was already a novelty on the sports car market, but its four-seater Espada as well. [...]

Citroen DS - The car that can peek around corners

In 2020, a "goddess" celebrates her 65th birthday. In the mid-1950s the iconic French car Citroen DS seemed like a UFO from another star, with its unusual design and innovative technology. Its comfort is still unique even by modern standards - a drive worthy of a goddess. [...]

Alfa Romeo GTV 6 - an "old school" sports car

In 1980, Alfa Romeo launched the Sportcoupé GTV 6. It was a new top model of the Alfetta GT series and should close the gap between Alfa Romeo and Ferrari. The sporty six-cylinder was the last "old school" sports coupé with rear-wheel drive to ever leave the factory of Alfa Romeo. Even at the end of its construction period, the car already gained the reputation of a classic. [...]

Why the Ford Capri RS is becoming more and more expensive

To teach the people who doubted the capabilities of the Ford Capri a lesson, Ford released the Capri 2600 RS in 1970. Even though it was "only" a European "Mustang replacement", it could keep up with racing icons such as the Porsche 911, despite its much lower price at the time. Nowadays however, a Ford Capri RS is not as cheap as it used to be. [...]

Opel Ascona 19 SR - The little brother of the Manta

Even though the Opel Ascona 19 SR is considered to be a reliable car, with a lot of potential to be a great classic, it has always been living in the shadow of the Manta. But now it is finally time to free this iconic car from its dusty image. [...]

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